Elephant Herds Run To Greet Orphaned Young Elephants In This Adorable Video

This is the most touching greeting a rescued baby elephant has ever received.

The emotional scene was captured on camera at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, and it highlights how sensitive these wonderful animals are once again.

Elephants are recognized for their social lives and protective tendencies, particularly when it comes to their young (even if they are not from the same elephant family). So when a 2-year-old rescued elephant arrives at this rehabilitation institution, he is met with an unexpected welcome.

Dok Gaew, a young guy, finds himself alone in the jungle after losing his mother. Fortunately, a squad of rescuers arrived just in time to save him and transport him to the Elephant Nature Park. He was obviously terrified and perplexed, and the

keepers feared he wouldn’t be accepted by the herd. But then something unexpected happened.The entire herd runs to greet the unfortunate Dok Gaew weeping from across the field, in one of the most moving animal videos you’ve ever

seen. Animals are capable of incredible things when it comes to helping folks in need. Their generosity and compassion appear limitless, and we can all learn from them.

Here’s a link to the amazing moment!

Source: news100times.com