She Was Wriggling In Pain Begging Rescuer To Save Her After Fight Broke

This story speaks about a poor pup that was extremely injured.

She has a front leg deformity, no one knows if she gets bitten by another dog, or she was born with it, writes

Fortunately, a local vet came directly as they were called by a kind person, who saw the dog.

The vet saw that her condition was bad as she could not stand by herself, she could not even hold weight on her legs.

The vets’ hearts were heartbroken, but they had hope.

They gave her a warm bottle of pup formula, antibiotics to prevent infection, and pain medication.

She got stronger in some days, and she can sit by herself! The little girl, who is strong, will stay at a foster home to receive

medical attention and physical therapy. We hope that she can walk by herself soon. How adorable.

Watch the video below.

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