Security C.a.m.e.r.a Captures Raccoon Happily Catching Falling Snowflakes

The camera caught glimpse of the merry intruder in the backyard of a Washington state home.

Timothy Ellis was working on his computer at home some time before Christmas when he noticed something strange being recorded by one of his security cameras outside.

At a second glance, he realized he was watching a raccoon standing on its hind legs, happily trying to catch as many snowflakes as possible with its paws.

It’s no surprise that in two weeks, over 200,000 people have already watched a video.

“[He] started pawing at the sky,” Ellis told The Dodo. “When I realized he was actually chasing snowflakes, my main thought was that I definitely needed to save this video, because I knew other people would enjoy seeing it. It’s definitely not something you see every day.”

Even though only a brief scene was shared on YouTube, the raccoon must have been busy chasing snowflakes for quite some time, judging by the number of footprints.

“It’s fun to catch a moment like this, and remember that even wild animals can have fun and show some personality,” Ellis concluded.