People Running Race Can’t Resist Corgi On The Sidelines

Who cares about winning when there’s a CORGIPrepare to be smitten by this corgi named Max.

Even folks with the most monk-like levels of self-discipline and control would find it hard to resist the little pup’s uncanny charms, his enchantingly floofy figure beckoning belly rubs like a sweet Siren’s song.Last weekend, Max was among those

on the sidelines watching runners compete in the Crescent City Classic, a 10-kilometer race held in New Orleans. He was there with his dad, Colin, and their friend Mary Jacobs to cheer on members of their gym who were participating.At one

point, Max looked a little tired, so Colin picked him up — thus triggering the most adorable response.”At that moment, people started giving belly pets,” Jacobs told The Dodo. “It was totally spontaneous!”Here’s the scene on video:Indeed,

Max’s tummy was like a runner magnet for the short while that Colin was cradling him.”The entire time, he got belly pets,” Jacobs said. “It was funny to see people basically add seconds to their final times just for a pet!”People loved it — and

Max did, too.Though each runner still had some distance to go to finish the race after meeting Max, it’s fair to say that, in a way, they already won.