Lost canine rings family’s doorbell at 3 AM to tell them she’s domestic (VIDEO)

It was days some time recently July 4 when firecrackers begun to go off in their neighborhood in South Carolina.

Rajah, a lab-Catahoula Panther Pooch blend, was spooked by the sound of firecrackers that she shot off exterior and ran away. Her proprietors Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick, attempted to run after her, but they misplaced her. They

looked for her for hours. They indeed posted it on Facebook and inquired individuals for offer assistance in case they discover her. Mary Lynn posted that Rajah was likely fair around their range in Simpsonville and Woodruff Streets close

Legacy Lakes. They too said that she was microchipped, and her tag has phone numbers. The couple drove around the zone, as well, trusting to discover Rajah at the side of the road. After hours of looking, they surrendered and went back

domestic. It was a tiring night for Mary Lynn and Ryan, and they were trusting that tomorrow would be better. But they got the greatest shock at 3 AM. Their doorbell rang. And figure who they found? Rajah!