Child elephant lovably ‘thanks’ lady who made a difference free him from mud

The elephant made sure the woman receives its thanks

A brave woman is being hailed a hero after she helped rescue a baby elephant that was stuck in the mud.

Certain wild animals have lost access to their native habitats as a result of human development.

Wildlife faces a wide range of issues as a result of road construction, forest clearing for agriculture, and other human activities.

Humans have robbed animals of their habitats.

Hearing about people doing all they can for these creatures is therefore gratifying. A woman was photographed rescuing a newborn elephant that was painfully stuck on the side of a road.

The newborn elephant appears to be attempting to escape the mud that has gathered on the side of the road in the video posted on Youtube.

The elephant, who’s named Suphansa, had wandered away from the sanctuary where he lived, leading to him getting stuck.

A woman came to the rescue.

A kindhearted woman intervenes to assist him, showing him how to lift one leg, then the other.

The brave woman can be seen rescuing him by gently pushing against his trunk before helping guide him out of trouble using her hands.

The elephant had to struggle a little to get out of the muck, but once he did, he was ecstatic and relieved.

It even extends its trunk as a show of appreciation for the helpful human. It certainly looked like a gesture out of immense gratitude.

Elephants are the friendliest and most intelligent of the animals.

They form strong bonds with their family members and friends, who are not only elephants but also humans.

Elephants are grateful for any help they receive, whether it is being rescued from drowning in mud or getting a new toy to play with!

If you’ve ever seen an elephant in person, you know that these creatures are very intelligent.

They’re also social and emotional animals.

So when someone helps save them from a sticky situation, they’ll show their gratitude by showing beautiful gestures.

This is exactly what happened here: the elephant extended its trunk to thank the woman who helped her out from the difficult ordeal.

This video shows just how amazing elephants can be: not only do they have incredible memories, but they also appreciate kindness and generosity (and are willing to show it).

Lending our helping hands is the least we can do for them.

There are many ways to help animals in need. If you see a baby elephant stuck in mud, or an injured squirrel on the side of the road, maybe try helping them out.

If you’re not sure how to help an animal that’s in danger or hurt, there is always someone at your local animal hospital that can give you advice and tips on how best to assist them!

They will be able to tell you what supplies and equipment are needed for the rescue.

I hope this story has made you think about your own life and how we can help others when they need it most. Animals are just like humans, they deserve to live long happy lives free from pain and suffering.

We are all on this planet together so let’s work together to make it a better place for everyone!

Check out the video below to witness the woman help the elephant.

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