A 4-year-old girl from the UK has been recognized as the youngest genius in history

The world-famous organization for people with high IQ “Mensa” accepted into its ranks a 4-year-old British girl Alannah George, who, as it turned out, has a surprisingly powerful intellect for such a young age.

The girl’s IQ is estimated at 140 points. For comparison: the performance of theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein is estimated at about 160 points.

According to the Daily Mail, which spoke about one of the youngest child prodigies in the world, Alannah George, the average adult has an IQ of 100 points.

Members of the organization “Mensa” are people from among the owners of outstanding intellect – those on the planet are no more than two percent of all living people.

Alannah became a member of the organization at a very early age, few can boast of this.

The girl’s parents said that their daughter unusually early began to show interest in letters and numbers. She learned to read on her own, without prompts and special classes.

According to the mother of the young intellectual, 37-year-old Nadine, she realized the giftedness of the child at the age of seven months, when Alannah began to pronounce the first words.

A year later, the child prodigy was already speaking in full sentences.

A little later, the mother took Alannah to the specialists. Testing of the girl, who was then not even three years old, showed that the baby reads and talks at the level of about a seven-year-old student.

Now Alana George attends school, and the girl’s parents make sure that the child has a “childhood” like his peers.

“Alannah is so small, but almost her whole life is already occupied by studies. She is undeniably special, but we still do not realize how vast her potential is,” admitted the child prodigy’s family admitted.