Yelping Baby, Bitten Over Food, Calms As He’s Held For First Time In His Life

Being so small and alone is scary enough, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But imagine how scared this tiny pup must’ve been as he lay there alone after he was bitten by another dog and in pain.

In many parts of the world, the stray epidemic is out of control. When food is scarce, animals act out in desperation.

They cannot help it. It is not their fault that they are starving. It’s likely this puppy was bitten by another dog as a result of a food squabble.

The rescuers were called in and they picked the tiny puppy up. He screamed out in pain.

They noticed he was also covered in a ton of fleas. They had to get him to the vet immediately.

The vet assessed him, gave him pain medication, and treated his wounds. The little pup was very brave through it all!

In two weeks, the sweet pup had made a dramatic recovery. He made friends with the big dogs at the rescue center and

they LOVE to play together! This little guy can’t seem to get enough of playtime but thankfully his new friends are very patient with him! Just look at how cute they are!

The tiny pup is getting bigger every day. Soon he will be old enough to be adopted. Thankfully he has many admirers and

will have no trouble getting a forever home! Thank you, rescuers, for saving his life.

Scroll down to watch the little pup’s story. Don’t worry, nothing too upsetting is shown.