Woman Wakes Up To Find A Baboon Casually Hanging Out In Her Room

That was unexpected 😂
The other morning, while vacationing at a resort in South Africa, Chichi Makhunga and her friend had a memorable encounter with one of the region’s most iconic locals.

Truth is, they really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

He’d let himself in.Rather than being woken by an alarm, or the sun shining into their room, Makhunga and her friend were stirred awake that morning by the sound of an unexpected guest in their room.

“We were sleeping, and at first there was a shuffling sound, which we ignored,” Makhunga told The Dodo. “[Then] we heard the sound of glass breaking. That’s when we realized we had a visitor.”

That surprise visitor was a large baboon — and a bold one at that. By the time Makhunga opened her eyes, he was was casually snacking on some of their food, seemingly unfazed

by the concern his unauthorized entry might have caused:Makhunga and her friend remained surprisingly cool-headed as they confronted the baboon.

“Please go,” Makhunga asked him, politely but firmly. And sure enough, he did.

After lingering a few moments longer on the patio, grabbing one last peek at the people whose snacks he’d pilfered, the baboon went back on his way, his belly a little fuller for the visit.

It was a run-in that Makhunga won’t soon forget — especially as she and her friend prepare to settle in at night during the remainder of their stay.

“We didn’t close the sliding door properly,” Makhunga said. “And I think the curtains were also open so he probably saw the food on the counter. Rookie error!”