Tra.g.ic D.e.vot.i.on: A Heartbroken Dog’s Final Act of Love for Her Departed Pup

The loss of a child is a source of immense grief for any mother, whether human or animal. In the animal kingdom, mothers can be just as overprotective as human mothers. Bettie, a pet dog, experienced the heart-wrenching pain of losing one of her puppies. She tried to save him for hours, but eventually had to accept his passing. As captured on camera, the distraught dog took it upon herself to bury her deceased puppy in a touching yet tragic moment.

Lenny Rose Ellema, Bettie’s owner, recorded the event in September 2020. The footage shows Bettie digging a deep trench and carefully burying her young pup, completely enclosing his body. According to Diario Sevilla newspaper, Rose, who hails from the Philippine province of Pangasinan, revealed that Bettie had lost her newborn puppy. Her maternal instincts drove her to care for the pup and remember her experience from a year prior, when one of her previous puppies had died during birth.

Rose explained that Bettie was a special dog, as she didn’t need any prompting to bury her puppy; it came naturally to her. Bettie was devastated, and the footage shows her playing with her deceased pup and meticulously filling the hole with dirt while continuing to shield him.

Experts suggest that animals bury their dead to keep predators away from the carcass and protect the rest of the litter from danger.

Bettie’s instinctive act of burying her puppy was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, as it seemed she wanted to shield him from the outside world and give him a respectful burial.