The restaurant o.w.ner pretended to be a beggar and came to her house to eat. They wanted to kick her out and only one server signed up to serve

Andrei, 18, worked as a waiter in a very expensive restaurant. One day, an elderly woman walked into this establishment – ​​his gray hair was covered with a headscarf, his clothes were torn in several places.

The restaurant manager ordered the “beggar” to be thrown out, and only Andrei undertook to to serve her: he did not yet know that the woman would return in two weeks. The “beggar woman” who appeared on the threshold of the restaurant immediately provoked a negative reaction from visitors. The woman tried to

walk to the far table without attracting attention, but after a minute the manager approached her and rather rudely pointed at the door. Andrei stood nearby and heard it all. The woman was

clearly very upset. The young waiter decided to help and nevertheless offered to serve the “beggar woman” – the manager agreed to take her to the furthest table near the kitchen, where the establishment’s employees

usually ate. The poor woman took a quick bite and left, remembering to thank Andrei. This case was recalled by the server and so he was amazed when

two weeks later, the same pensioner entered the restaurant, but already in a very elegant and obviously expensive outfit.

She chose the best table, asked the manager to come upstairs and immediately paid him – in fact, the woman owned the whole chain of restaurants and, dressing as a beggar,

checked how its directors were working with people in the field. Andrey was promoted by the hostess on the same day he got the job of manager:

This woman’s restaurant chain is still operating today. After learning this story, most of its employees started behaving more politely with visitors.