The dog lost its hair due to severe allergic reactions, which made it unappealing to humans.

Once a beautiful golden retriever named Max used to roam the streets of his neighbourhood with a lustrous coat of fur that glistened under the sun. Everyone in the neighbourhood adored him and would stop to pet him whenever they saw him. However, one day, everything changed for Max.

He started to develop severe allergic reactions, which made him scratch and bite his fur until it became patchy and unsightly. The once-beautiful golden coat was now a mess of bare skin and scabs. It made him look unappealing to humans, and people would avoid him when they saw him on the street.

His owner, Emma, did everything she could to help him. She took him to the vet, who prescribed medicine and special diets to help his skin condition. But nothing seemed to work, and Max continued to lose his fur until he was almost completely bald.

Emma was heartbroken to see her beloved pet in such a state. She knew that Max was still the same loving and friendly dog, but other people couldn’t see past his baldness. They would often give him strange looks and avoid petting him, which made him sad.

One day, Emma met a woman named Laura, who ran an animal shelter. Laura was a kind-hearted woman who loved all animals, regardless of their appearance. When she saw Max, she knew that she had to help him.

Laura took Max to her shelter and gave him a warm bath and a soft bed to sleep on. She also gave him a healthy diet and lots of love and attention. Gradually, Max started to heal. His skin began to clear up, and his fur started to grow back.

As Max’s fur grew back, he started to regain his confidence. He was still the same friendly dog, but now he had a new look. His coat was now a mix of white and gold, which made him look unique and beautiful in his own way.

One day, Emma came to visit Max at the shelter, and she was amazed at how much he had improved. Max’s fur was now thick and shiny, and he was full of energy and joy. Emma realized that Max was in good hands with Laura and decided to leave him at the shelter permanently.

Max’s life had taken a turn for the better, and he was now surrounded by people who loved him for who he was, not for his appearance. He had found a new home, a new family, and a new chance at happiness.