Stray Canine’s Story of Trouble Composed on His Pores and skin

Once a happy-go-lucky pup, now a stray with no hope,

His story of trouble is etched on his skin like a rope.

Abandoned by his owner, left to fend for himself,

He wandered the streets, looking for food on the shelf.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months,

His ribs became visible, and his fur lost its once glossy bounce.

He roamed around, looking for love and affection,

But all he found was rejection and neglect-ion.

People saw him as a nuisance, a disease that should be eradicated,

They threw stones at him, shooed him away, and made him feel hated.

But through it all, he kept his spirit alive,

For he knew he was a fighter, and he would thrive.

One day, a kind soul saw him and took him in,

She gave him food, shelter, and love that was akin.

He finally found a home, where he could be happy and carefree,

And his story of trouble became a tale of victory.

So, if you see a stray, don’t turn a blind eye,

For they too have a story, and it’s time to give them a try.

Give them love, kindness, and a chance to live,

For all they want is a home and someone to forgive.