She Was Panicked, Ceaselessly Covering up In A Corner Since She Is Puzzled Of People, Until She Met This Woman

Livia was found in a very pitiful condition in a local shelter.

This shelter has had pet abuse reports that have been posted on social media in the past few days. Livia lived in a cage for several months, suffering from rickets.

The girl was thin, one foot was broken. She is very panicky and scared of people. Otherwise, all the ribs are broken.

We were shocked by this news. She is a 5 month old puppy, tiny – 4. 5kg, huddled in the corner.The girl was terribly exhausted, having trouble breathing. God, has she lived like this all this time? Currently, Livia is at Vet after being rescued by our volunteers.

She has been treated for parasites, we are waiting for the test. Today, Livia went to the clinic for an echocardiogram and a CT scan. Everything’s fine.

According to CT, there is no tumor, the spectrum is flattened. She still has to take a lot of antibiotics Unlucky Little Dog – By some miracle, we decided to pick her up in general, we still can’t believe it.

20 days later: Wow, Livia is actually a very happy and friendly puppy. Livia, our sweet girl is playing in a warm bed.

35 days later: She’s enjoying her best.

Watch the video below for the full story!Special Thanks To Rescuer: arm.kotofei 💚
Thanks to the channel : The Penguin ❤️