She celebrates h.e.r 100th b.irt.hd.ay and lives alone: ​​the garbage collectors surprise her with a birthday cake

Few people live to be 100, and those who are still healthy and live alone in their house or apartment are even rarer. Unfortunately, these people are left on their own and

live in isolation. Ignored by society and family, they receive very few visits. In a small town in the United States lives an elderly woman named Mercy, a gentle lady who lives alone and who manages to get ahead thanks to

to the kind hearts of people living in the neighborhood and those who work as postmen or garbage collectors, in other words activities that push them to go to the same places of action almost every day. At the end of August 2019, this woman

turned 100, so to celebrate this milestone, the urban cleaners who usually pass through her neighborhood thought of giving her a nice surprise. On the morning of her birthday, Mercy heard the doorbell, opened the door

the driveway door and found himself in front of the team of waste collectors who brought him a cake with candles, decorated with the number “100”. This special delivery was recorded in a video and posted on the Web, which gave

lead to many comments and shares. In the pictures, the old lady looks surprised, happy and moved by this wonderful gesture, incredulous but enthusiastic that someone had the attention to remember her. After having

overcome the initial emotion and dried her tears, one of the urban cleaners asked Mercy to put out the candles and make a wish according to the ritual. The nice lady, joking with the garbage collectors, told them “I asked to live to be 105”!