Seriously Burned Pitbull Opposed The Chances And Presently He Adores Life

A severely burned pitbull named Moose has defied the odds and is now living a happy life with his new family.

Moose was found in a ditch in Missouri, with third-degree burns covering most of his body. The veterinarians treating him believed that he would not survive, but Moose was a fighter.

After months of treatment, Moose’s burns finally began to heal. Despite his injuries, Moose was still full of energy and love for life. When he was put up for adoption, a family in Michigan fell in love with him and took him home.

Now, Moose loves spending time with his new family and going on long walks. He even enjoys playing with other dogs, despite his traumatic past. Moose’s story is a reminder that even the most difficult circumstances can be overcome with love and perseverance.