Retired p.o.l.i.c.e dog jumps back into duty and saves toddlers from raging house fire

Dogs are our loyal companions and most of us can rely on them to be there when we need a furry friend.

In times of real danger we never really know how we or our dogs are going to react, and we hope that we are never faced with such a situation.

In the case of Margo and Brent Feaser and their two young children, their dog’s loyalty and bravery were put to the ultimate test.

Thanks to their German Shepherd dog Maxx, a retired K-9, and their persistent neighbors the family are alive today.

The Feaser’s neighbors Chip Dover and his son, Andrew, and Joe Jordan, were enjoying a late evening of stargazing outside their home in Longwood, Florida, when they heard an explosion.

“We were outside with my telescope, looking at Jupiter with my next door neighbor,” Dover told TODAY Parents.

“We were getting ready to come in when we heard a big explosion, and the house just blew up.

“We ran over there immediately and it was burning like crazy, and then we realized the family was still inside.”Broke the windows of the house
The trio raced to the Feaser’s home and grabbed whatever they could to break the front windows of the house.

Seminole County, Florida Sheriff’s Department Investigator Margo Feaser was rescued by the men but fought frantically to get back inside to save her husband, 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.

As Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma said in reference to Margo: “Her primary concern was to get in there and to rescue her children.” She’s an absolute trooper. She’s a hero within our organization and her actions tonight demonstrate that behavior. We’re very proud of her.”

Soon, firefighters arrived and were able to rescue Margo’s husband, Brent. But their two children and their dog Maxx were still inside the burning house.According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Maxx then went back in service to help the firefighters find the two toddlers trapped inside the house.

Rescue efforts were proving more difficult at this stage as heavy smoke had filled the house – but thankfully, Maxx was there to meet the firefighters and lead them to the two children.

Home completely destroyed
The family was taken to the hospital, where their status ranged from stable to critical, according to TODAY Parents.

The fire, which completely destroyed the family’s home, is thought to have been an accident

Maxx was treated for smoke inhalation and was hailed a hero for staying in the house with the children and helping to guide the firefighters through thick smoke.

There are not enough incredible words on the Earth to describe this amazing hero dog!

It never ceases to amaze me how our dogs risk their lives to help us humans; we’re lucky to have these trusted companions in our lives.

Good job, Maxx! It seems that you hasn’t forgotten how to protect and serve. Once a hero always a hero…Please share to pay tribute to this incredible hound and the family’s neighbors and firefighters who helped save this family.