Rescue the poor dog as soon as possible before being put on the market

In Vietnam, many individuals eat canine meal.

On our approach to the patrol residential space, we found and rescued them from which have been rescued, what about those that cannot be discovered.

We found a lady carrying pitiful canine to on the market . At first , I requested her to purchase it again for 200 thousand VND, then 500 thousand, then 700 thousand however she refused difinitely to promote it .

Lastly , we had to purchase it once more for 900 thousand VND, equal to 45 USD . She requested for a really hight value in comparison with the vietnames market .

However we nonetheless have to simply accept as a result of poor canines must be rescued in time . In any other case she’s going to promote it to the market .

Take a look , it was tied very tightlu, very pipifully . However not as pitiful because it was bought into the the market

Is a devoted animal, a good friend worthy of in the market being for meat ?Why are they so ruthless ?
Tey tied it up very tightly , making it very painful ….Mentally it is vitally panic !

I’ve to respond it typically !
it panicked so it tried to flee if it had the prospect . As a result of it panic, it doesn’t have any ardour for meals, even thought it is vitally hungry.

We’ll deliver him to the care heart and can discover him a pleasant proprietor.

it took a shower , it was so soiled and smelly however lastly it was obedient .

He’s very stunning, very beautiful, a white noticed, black brown canine and it’ll discover a good proprietor quickly .