Old dog cries tears of joy at owner’s return from war

For a loving and aging dog who is about to pass the rainbow bridge, nothing is more heartbreaking than the thought of having to say goodbye to his master without giving him one last kiss.

The bond between a dog and its owner is extremely special in many ways. This was aptly highlighted in a recently circulated viral social media clip. Dogs have an unparalleled level of loyalty and steadfast love for their owners.

The elderly dog in the video cries with joy at the feet of its owner after he returns from the war alive. This heartwarming and wonderful event has touched millions of people worldwide.

Lastly, watching the video of this elderly dog tearing up with joy at his owner’s feet is a sweet and poignant reminder of the relationship that exists between dogs and their people.

The fact that this relationship is founded on a mutual feeling of loyalty, trust, and steadfast love should be cherished and celebrated every day.