John Travolta’s 11-year-old son has recently taken in a puppy and honored the memory of the late actress Betty White, who passed away in December.

John Travolta’s 11-year-old son, Benjamin, had always wanted a puppy. He begged his parents for months, promising to take care of it and love it with all his heart. Finally, one day, John and his wife, Kelly Preston, gave in and surprised Benjamin with a little golden retriever puppy.

The boy was over the moon with excitement and immediately began to think of a name for his new best friend. He had always been a huge fan of Betty White, the beloved actress who had passed away just a few months ago in December. Benjamin had watched reruns of her popular TV shows and had even seen some of her movies, so he suggested they name the puppy after her.

His parents were taken aback by the suggestion but thought it was a sweet gesture. They agreed to name the puppy Betty, and Benjamin was thrilled.

From that day forward, Betty became Benjamin’s constant companion. They played together, cuddled together, and went on long walks in the park. The puppy brought joy to the Travolta family, especially after the loss of their mother and wife, Kelly, who had passed away the previous year.

But Benjamin knew that Betty’s name carried a special significance. He wanted to do something to honor the memory of the late actress. One day, he came up with a brilliant idea.

He decided to create a scrapbook in honor of Betty White. He filled it with pictures of the actress, as well as photos of Betty, the puppy. He also wrote letters to Betty White, telling her how much he loved her and how much he missed her. He even wrote a poem dedicated to her, which he read to Betty, the puppy, every night before bed.

John and Kelly were moved by Benjamin’s thoughtfulness and the way he had taken such a special interest in honoring Betty White’s memory.

They were proud of their son and encouraged him to keep the scrapbook as a tribute to the actress and a testament to the love he had for his furry friend.

Years later, when Benjamin had grown up and moved away to start his own family, he still had the scrapbook. He showed it to his own children, telling them the story of how he had named his puppy after one of his idols and how much he had loved her. And they too, fell in love with the story of Betty the puppy and Betty White, the actress who had inspired her name.