Full Of Mats & Attacked By Coyotes, Terrified Pup Cowers In Corner All Alone

Faith Easdale took a road trip to visit some family members when she came upon the most helpless,

innocent soul curled up all alone on a golf course, writes ilovemydogsomuchSomehow the little dog, and many just like him, get dumped in the area which is full of coyotes. Sadly, many of the dogs don’t make it out alive, but Faith was

determined to help the little guy she stumbled upon.“The next door business said they’ve personally rescued 3 dogs and they always see dogs out there,” Faith shared on her Facebook page about the area in Redlands, California. Dogs are

often dumped and wind up as prey to the coyotes roaming the area looking for a meal.Since the poor pooch was unable or unwilling to move on his own, a golf cart was used to transport him. Faith put the pooch in her car and drove him

straight to a veterinary emergency room. He was scared, alone, and dehydrated, so the folks at the E/R got right to work on him. They believed the dog had been injured by a coyote.Faith said his mats were so bad that his tail was immobilized

at a 90-degree angle due to the heavy mats. He is being cared for by the folks at Dream Fetchers

and he will never have to worry about being neglected, alone, or attacked again. We wish you all the best and thank

Faith for getting involved to save this poor baby’s life. Press play on the video

below to see the frightened dog being saved from harm.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv