Family Brings Solid 17-Year-Old Canine to Protect and Demands Killing

Daisy was a sweet little Chihuahua mix dog who spent 17 years living with her family.

Sadly, the dog’s family decided they did not want her anymore after she became 17 years old. They took poor Daisy to the shelter and requested that she be put to death rather than making an effort to find her a new home.

Thankfully, the Fort Worth, Texas, shelter Saving Hope Rescue turned down the request.Daisy currently resides in a kennel at a pet shelter and is said to “still have some excellent life in her,” according to the shelter.

She has been examined by a veterinarian and had a negative heartworm test. She loves to go outside with strict supervision because she is little and entirely deaf, but she uses toilet pads within the home. She would, however, thrive in a household with young children.

Daisy doesn’t mind being around other dogs or cats, and she would appreciate someone giving her the respect due a senior furry princess. We are confident that she will be the ideal pet for a person who is ready to welcome a cherished dog

who gave her family everything before being abandoned into their heart and home. I Love My Dog reminds our readers to reach out to their

local shelter or pet rescue groups if they are interested in bringing a dog into their life. There are millions of awesome dogs waiting for their forever homes who are just a mouse click away.