Dogs Are Naturally Born With Ears And Tails And It Is Appropriate To Allow Them To Retain Them.

Once upon a time, in a world far different from our own, there was a group of people who believed that dogs were better off without their natural ears and tails.

They believed that cropping a dog’s ears and docking its tail made it more aesthetically pleasing and improved its ability to perform certain tasks.

However, there were also many people who disagreed with this practice. They argued that dogs were naturally born with ears and tails for a reason and it was appropriate to allow them to retain them. They believed that altering a dog’s appearance in this way was unnecessary and even cruel.

One day, a young girl named Emma found a stray dog wandering around her neighborhood. The dog had been abandoned by its previous owners and was in desperate need of a home. Emma took the dog in and quickly fell in love with its floppy ears and wagging tail.

As Emma spent more time with the dog, she began to notice how important its ears and tail were to its overall well-being. The dog used its ears to communicate its emotions and its tail to express its excitement and happiness.

Emma realized that if the dog had been cropped and docked, it would have lost these essential means of communication.

Emma’s experience with the stray dog inspired her to become an advocate for keeping dogs natural. She started a campaign to educate people about the importance of allowing dogs to retain their ears and tails.

She shared stories of how these body parts helped dogs communicate and interact with the world around them.

Over time, Emma’s campaign gained momentum and more and more people began to realize that cropping and docking were unnecessary and harmful practices.

Laws were changed to protect dogs from these procedures, and soon it became the norm to allow dogs to keep their natural ears and tails.

Emma’s efforts had a lasting impact on the world and helped to ensure that dogs could live happy and healthy lives, free from unnecessary cosmetic procedures. As she watched her own dog run and play with its natural ears and tail, Emma knew that she had made a difference in the world.