Blue-hooded Euphonia, A Breathtaking Glossy Blue And Orange Bird That Is Dubbed A Perfect Visual Treat

There are many breathtaking birds out there. They put on a strikingly beautiful coat, making them stand out from the crowd.

More importantly, their plumage may become the standard of color shades. Some people think

that they just appear in fairy books but they actually exist in nature.

The blue-hooded Euphonia is one of these outstanding birds. This beautiful creature makes

a name for itself with a glowing blue cap, bright orange belly, and glossy blue-black face and

These features make male birds conspicuous wherever they are

This Euphonia’s scientific name is euphonia elegantissima.

The word “elegantissima” refers to the elegance that is incredibly true with this bird.

Like many species, female blue-hooded Euphonia birds are duller than males with a brown-gray color.

The blue-hooded Euphonia distributes in many parts of Central America in Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Their habitats are subtropical, and or moist montane forests, as well as degrade formerly forested areas.

These birds feed on fruit and berries, mainly Mistletoe berries.

When the breeding season starts, female birds build their nests in a slight recess, in banks or

areas with clumps of short vegetation. These nests are made from leaves, rootlets, moss, and lichen.

Interestingly, the males join the females in building nests.

Currently, the population of the blue-hooded Euphonia is quite stable.

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