Bear Makes Himself Comfortable And Loose In Lounge chair Somebody Tossed Absent

Mandy Stantic and her family were driving around Lac Brochet in Northern Manitoba to do some bear-spotting,

when she saw something that immediately made her take out her camera and capture some pictures. A wild bear was sitting on a discarded sofa, made himself comfortable and relaxed in it.

The bear was relaxing just like a human, he had one leg casually crossed over the other and was resting one arm on the armrest.

“I guess this particular bear had eaten his fill and was ready to relax on the couch,” Stantic told The Dodo.

“All he needed was some popcorn and Netflix.” She said that there was even a discarded TV in front of him, making the sight even funnier.

Stantic and her family observed the bears from their car and couldn’t stop laughing at them. “It’s all forest surrounding the dump for hundreds of miles,” Mandy shared.

“There’s more than enough to eat for them, but the berries aren’t out yet in the spring and garbage is easy pickings so that’s why they all congregate there.”

Stantic captured some photos of the lounging bear before moving on her way, but she’ll never forget that funny moment.

“You don’t see that very often. He’s just posing just like a person,” she said. This black bear has become an Internet sensation after his pictures were shared on social media.

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