Baby Beaten For Being ‘Dumb’ Is Too Ashamed To Turn Around, Felt The Ground Move

When a tiny puppy enters the world, she cannot fend for herself. She needs her mother to protect her and feed her, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Sadly, this tiny pup was ripped from her mother and beaten by a savage individual. The puppy was then left on her own with no one in sight.The little victim lay on the ground with open wounds. Her wounds attracted over a thousand

maggots that embedded into her body. They continued to eat away at her flesh. She desperately needed a guardian angel to step in.Thankfully, someone saw the little pup and took her straight to the vet. The Good Samaritan named the puppy

Lora. Once Lora was at the vet, they didn’t hesitate. She needed urgent care. First, they shaved Lora’s wound area so it could be treated properly. It was then irrigated and cleansed of all the maggots.Luckily, Xrays revealed that Lora’s hind

legs weren’t broken but she would need lots of physical therapy. Her wounds also had to be watched closely. Even on antibiotics, an infection could still be an issue. Everyone at the vet clinic fell in love with the little pup. She was always so

brave.The clinic reached out to a local woman and asked if she could be Lora’s medical foster mom. She agreed! The puppy would sleep in a nice home and return to the vet as often as needed. Even though this was great news, the vet

soon realized that Lora is completely blind and deaf. Lora was also diagnosed with some liver issues, but regardless of the news, no one was giving up on Lora.As if Lora didn’t have enough challenges, the vet discovered that she also has no

sense of smell. With Lora being blind and deaf, her sense of smell would help her navigate the world. This was a blow for sure. There would be many challenges ahead for

Lora but she was so loved now. And love can truly make a difference. Her medical foster mom is currently doing all she can to help Lora thrive.