Angry cockatoo throws priceless expletive-filled tantrum when it’s time to go to bed

Though cockatoos don’t have as many colors as parrots they fill this lack with their funny characters.

They are considered one of the most clever birds in the world. They can solve various puzzles, imitate people and animals. Pebbles is also a cockatoo with a very flexible wit. The bird learned more than needed.

The poor bird changed over 20 houses in her 10 years an teh variety of various families made the bird learn more than she needed to know.

The bird knew many blasphemies and not all the families agreed to keep this bird for her angry and naught behavior.

Besides insulting people, teh bird also opened all teh cages that she had been in. So it was extremely difficult to keep such a pet at home.

Fortunately enough, Pebbles finnaly found a daddy that understood her perfectly and wasn’t inteded to leave her because of her “interesting” attitude.