Already starting to call him McFlurry’: Baby born in McDonald’s parking lot

A Muskego, Wisconsin, couple’s baby made a sudden entrance into the world two weeks early in the McDonald’s parking lot in Hales Corners, which is a village in Milwaukee. The surprise birth happened as a snowstorm began.

“He came straight out into the snow. So it literally snowed on his face for probably 10 minutes. That was his first experience in the world,” mother Analysia Beck said.Micah Daniel Beck is 6 days old.“He’s great. He’s a calm baby,” Analysia said.

Calm is the opposite of Micah’s grand entrance into the world early last Friday morning. Analysia started getting contractions around two in the morning and woke her husband, Daniel Beck, up.“By the time he was out and got his marbles together, I was like, ‘It’s happening. We need to go,’” Analysia said.

“So we’re driving and then her mom is driving behind us and we’re probably five minutes down the road,” Daniel said.The couple realized they weren’t going to make it to the hospital. They saw the golden arches and quickly turned into the parking lot.

Hales Corners Fire Department firefighters and EMTs rushed there to help deliver Micah.“By the time we got on scene, Malak was actually the first one to go over to her, and she was crowning,” Brianna Baltutis, firefighter and EMT, said of firefighter and EMT Thomas Malak.

“They showed up and they ran in and kind of saved the day,” Analysia said.“She’s in the back car and she’s all ready to go. She’s saying it’s coming,” Malak said.

Micah Daniel, weighing eight pounds plus a little more than a quarter pounder, was born there in the parking lot, as snow fell hard around him.“It hit me like halfway through, and I just kind of laid my head back in the trunk and I was like, I’m having my baby at McDonald’s. This cannot be real,” Analysia said.It’s a call Baltutis said she’ll remember forever.

“Unfortunately, in this field, we see a lot of people leaving this earth. And it was nice to see the other side of it and help somebody deliver their child, which I think is super cool,” Baltutis said.

The Becks said they had already planned on his name: Micah Daniel.“We didn’t even realize until the jokes started kind of pouring in that it could be shortened from Micah Daniel to Mickey D’s or Mick D’s or something. He was already starting to call him McFlurry,” Analysia said.

Both Micah and Analysia are healthy after the impromptu birth, with plans for Micah to try a Happy Meal as soon as possible. He joins a big brother and big sister in the Beck family.

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