A horse that was stolen and has been separated from its close companion, a dog, for seven months, cried upon seeing the dog again.

Once upon a time, in a peaceful countryside, there lived a beautiful horse named Bella and a loyal dog named Rusty. Bella and Rusty were inseparable friends and spent all their time playing and exploring the vast fields and hills of the countryside.

One day, while Bella was grazing in a field, a group of thieves came and stole her away, leaving Rusty behind. Rusty was heartbroken, and he searched high and low for his beloved friend, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Bella was sold to a new owner and taken far away from her home. She was scared and lonely, missing her friend Rusty terribly. She was put to work in the fields, but she was never happy and always felt like something was missing.

Months went by, and Bella’s owner decided to take her to the local fair to sell her. As they were walking through the fairgrounds, Bella saw a familiar face in the distance. It was Rusty! The dog had somehow managed to track down Bella after seven long months of searching.

As soon as Bella saw Rusty, she let out a loud neigh of joy and ran towards him as fast as she could. Rusty barked with excitement and ran towards Bella with his tail wagging happily. They were finally reunited, and it was a moment of pure joy and happiness.

Bella and Rusty nuzzled each other and ran around the fairgrounds, happy to be together again. Bella’s owner was so touched by the reunion that he decided to sell her to Rusty’s owner, who promised to take good care of both animals and ensure that they would never be separated again.

From that day on, Bella and Rusty were never apart. They ran and played in the fields together, and their bond grew even stronger. They had been through a lot, but they had found their way back to each other, and nothing could ever tear them apart again.