A dog with her nose tied is miraculously rescued seconds before leaving

We cannot understand or tolerate certain ruthless behaviors that some people have.

It is terrifying to believe that someone is capable of committing as much damage to an innocent life as that of an animal, writes fancy4work

Fortunately, there are people who try to reverse the damage that others do without heart. These are in charge of forming organizations for the protection and care of our animal friends.

One of these important organizations is Pupekas , in charge of helping the animals of Almería, Spain.

The members of this great team remain attentive to any complaint, and thanks to that, they were able to find the whereabouts of a dog that had been abandoned in the cruelest way.

A passerby gave the information of a podenco breed dog, abandoned by its owner in a remote field.

In addition, the dog was tied at her legs and her snout, making it impossible for her to bark, drink or eat.

The alert call put the workers into action and they went to the rescue of the dog. When one of them approached, he visualized the little girl surrounded by garbage, before the imminent summer heat, quite particular to the area. The woman began to film the sad scene that would move many.

Luckily, the woman arrived just in time, because the dog was completely dehydrated and only seconds away from death; in fact, during the rescue she had repeatedly fainted.

The actions had to be immediate, so the rescue woman took the dog to the organization’s sanctuary so that a veterinarian could examine her and apply the necessary treatment for her recovery.

Quickly, the dog reacted positively to the attention and affection given to her at the Pupekas sanctuary , and just weeks after her rescue, the dog was perfect.

The rescuers called the dog “Esperanza” because that was the virtue that kept the beautiful dog alive for so long in the precarious situation in which she was subjected.

Now, Esperanza is in a beautiful home , because she was adopted by a loving family that is willing to take care of her as she deserves.

You can watch the video of Esperanza’s rescue below:

Esperanza represents the efforts of hundreds of people who want to have a better and friendly world with the animal kingdom, respecting their rights, and fulfilling the duties that we humans have in their care.

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Source: fancy4work.com