A about 200kg stingray bounced on a watercraft and gave birth to 4 babies

A more than 2-meter-long stingray jumped into a boat off the coast of Alabama, USA, and gave birth to four young when stressed.

A giant stingray jumped onto the back of April Jones’ boat while he and his family were participating in the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo fishing event off the coast of Alabama on July 16.

According to the Mail, Jones believes that the fish, more than 2.1m long, jumped into the boat because of being clinged to its stomach by the white sucker fish. After a moment of panic, the Jones family called the authorities and tried to handle the situation.

The stingray weighed more than 180 kg causing the weight of the boat to skyrocket and the water to overflow into the back of the boat. Everyone tried to bring the giant fish back to the sea but failed.

Therefore, they decided to return to the shore and find a way to help the animal survive.However, the situation changed suddenly when the mother stingray gave birth to four young.

Unfortunately, the young rays did not survive because they were born under stressful conditions. The young rays were then donated to the Dauphin Lab for educational purposes.

It is known that this type of ray is called Eagle Stingray. According to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, if eagle Stingray are in a stressful situation, they can suddenly give birth.

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