Ноrsе Вrоthеrs Shоw Аn ЕmоtiоnаI Rеuniоn Аftеr Веing Араrt Fоr Yеаrs

It is known that when horses love, they create strong bonds with the ones they love.

However, horses do not forget their family or siblings no matter how long they do not see them, and this story is a perfect example. A video was shаrеd on TikTok by a user called

@wranglerbum showing 2 horse brothers reuniting for the first time after being apart for years.

Harley and Koda, the horses, were more than happy when they see each other! You can see in the video below that

another horse called Journey is trying to make sure that everything is okay and Koda is family!

It is one of the most emotional reunions ever!

Many people commented on the video expressing how emotional and sweet the video is! Watch the video above.

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